Luke Ward vs Jamie Oliver


We’ve had Luke Ward shooting for us several times already and today, we have a hot new guy on His name is Jamie Oliver, a 22 year old Swedish guy. Luke and Jamie have known each other for a couple of years. Luke was Jamie’s sister’s boyfriend at the time but he then dumped the sister for the brother lol We actually laughed when they told us the story. Luke and Jamie never dated each other, they have just been great friends, but lately, they are telling us that there have been some sexual tensions between the 2 buddies and that Luke asked Jamie if he wanted to shoot for our site and kinda figure things out. So here they are, willing to fight and see who’s gonna take it up the ass. We don’t mind helping them out 🙂
Luke is wearing red shorts and Jamie is wearing a wrestling singlet. From the beginning, the 2 guys are wrestling on the mat, Luke is overpowering Jamie really fast so we already knew who was gonna get a dick in the ass. After a while, it was a given, Luke won the match and Jamie had no choice but submit to Luke.

He started by sucking Luke’s 7″ uncut cock, inch by inch. What a good cock sucker! It was then time for Luke to give Jamie a blowjob. Jamie’s got a nice cock too, about 8 inches and thick. After all that sucking, the boys couldn’t hold it anymore, they had to fuck! So Jamie got on his 4 and asked Luke “You wanna fuck me?”, Fuck yeah Luke wants to fuck you boy! And there it went, Luke penetrated the Swedish ass and started fucking his hole right away. Both guys are moaning, enjoying every inch of it. Luke then got Jamie on his back and fucked him missionary style. What a hot fucking scene! Luke couldn’t hold his load anymore and jerked off on top of Jamie’s stomach and came all over it. Then it was Jamie’s turn to unload a small load but a load is a load right?

Clip Courtesy of Fight and Fuck