Tomas DeCastro and Jamie Oliver


After having been away for a few years, Jamie Oliver is back on the scene, better and hornier than ever before! And what does Jamie want? A massage. When does he want it? NOW! In need of getting kneaded and manhandled by a big muscled hunk who knows his way around another man’s body, Jamie calls on Tomas DeCastro. The incredibly buff and ripped Tomas shows up in his skimpy underwear, intent on giving Jamie exactly what he wants and needs. Tomas pours oil onto the palms of his hands and gets them all slippery, ready to work out those kinks in Jamie’s body. Tomas is serious about giving Jamie the best massage possible but he also knows the incredible heat and energy that comes from the intimacy of touching another hot man and when he flips Jamie over, the blond muscle hunk gives Jamie an expert handjob. And if you’ve ever given this type of handjob, or if you’re the lucky recipient of one, you’ll understand the extremely satisfied look on Jamie’s face when he blows his load.

Clip Courtesy of Twinks in Shorts